Review of 2023: A year in Podcasts

To continue our series reflecting on 2023, we wanted to take a moment to look back on the podcast episodes released in this calendar year.

With the G7 and a number of trade missions making 2023 a full-on year for the DBT teams in Japan we suffered a break in scheduling over the summer, but that didn’t stop us rounding up some excellent speakers on a range of vital topics. Let’s take a look…

Back in January we took a dive into marketing in Japan with Nanako from communications agency TAMLO. This engaging chat highlighted the particular needs of Japanese consumers to have localised content – it will not suffice to reuse global campaigns for this very individual market!

The following episode jumped to the very different topic of the Defence and Security sector. We spoke with former Red Arrows pilot (among other things) Gary Waterfall. In his role representing Clarion, the organisers of DSEI he was able to give an overview of opportunities for British technology in the supply chain of the defence and security sector. Reference of course to the announcements of UK-Japan collaboration in the field.

Switching sectors again, we moved into an enlightening case-study from the consumer and luxury goods sector. Rutherford’s have revived a very high quality traditional leather bag production. this caught the eye of a very keen and experienced importer/distributor, the strong relationship built between him and our speaker … was very clearly expressed and is a great lesson in building trust for the longer term investment in the market.

In a long conversation that had to be split into a two-parter, we brought another first hand experience to you. This is a very interesting story of a company taking the time to slowly achieve increasing success in Japan, eventually securing a very lucrative deal with one of Japan’s communications giants! Talking with Bangotwice – we hear from an innovative company from the UK that has become the backbone of most of our online transactions.

The next episode tackled the energy sector and a discussion with experts on the rapidly developing Hydrogen economy in Japan. UK expertise, represented by one of our guests, Professor Joe Howe, has a big opportunity to develop the technology and capability for hydrogen to support the net zero transition. Joining the conversation in Richard Lyle of Intralink – commissioned by DBT to provide an in-depth report on the topic.

Another milestone of 2022/23 is the UK-Japan Digital Partnership agreement. We spoke with Jana Psarska from TechUK about what this means for opportunity and collaboration in the digital space.

After our summer break, we came back with a discussion on the practicalities of Intellectual property for companies entering the Japanese market, and protecting your IP as a non-Japanese firm. Shiga Patent Office are long-standing experts in the field.

When you establish in operations in Japan there is a strong chance you will need to employ some staff on the ground. Employment in Japan comes with its own considerations and difficulties. Hiroshi-san is an experienced lawyer in the field and has some sage advice for companies navigating employment law in Japan.

For our November episode we caught up with our first ever podcast guest Tim Romero. A lot has happened globally in the intervening years! His was able to provide his current assessment of the landscape for international innovation and collaboration, with an eye on his vast start-up experience.

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Let us not forget that this is only this year’s list. Please spend some time heading further back in the archive to access a wealth of information and shared experience across the sectors. If all or any of this inspires you to bring your business to the Japanese market, don’t hesitate to fill in our CONTACT form!