PODCAST: Japan Success Story: Bango (Part 1)

First published: 7th March 2023


The technology behind every payment choice.

Steve talks to Bango’s Anil Malhotra, Chief Marketing Officer (and co-founder) speaking from the UK, and Andy Suzuki, SVP for APAC, based in Tokyo.

Bango’s recent acquisition of the global payment business of Japanese telecommunications giant NTT Docomo, prompted us to get in touch with Andy and Anil for a discussion on the route they have taken to build trust and establish themselves in the Japanese market. Learn about the rise of Bango, its long connection with Japan and hear Anil and Andy’s perspective on long-term relationships, persistence and investment needed to achieve success in Japan.

It was such a fruitful discussion that it has extended into two parts! Part two: Episode 34

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More information about Bango:

Bango has developed unique purchase behaviour technology that enables millions more users to buy the products and services they want, using innovative methods of payment including carrier billing, digital wallets and subscription bundling. Bango harnesses this purchase activity into valuable marketing segments, called Bango Audiences. Merchants use these audiences to target their marketing at paying customers based on their purchase behaviour. Better targeting increases spend through the Bango payments business, in turn generating more data insights, creating a powerful virtuous circle that drives continuous growth. Everyone connected to the Bango Platform thrives as the virtuous circle grows.

The world’s largest online merchants, including Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN), Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) and Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT), use Bango technology to acquire more paying users.

Find out more at Bango.com

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