Welcome to the podcast from Export to Japan. We give you a clear picture of what’s happening in the Japanese market by bringing you conversations with people who are at the heart of the Japanese business community.

Today we interview Yoko Majima, a certified Japanese gyosei shoshi lawyer who specialises in market entry for international companies.

06. Finding the Right Candidates with Kevin Holdaway

Today we dive into the world of recruitment in Japan with Kevin Holdaway, Sales Director at Gplus media. We discuss the available recruitment methods, cultural differences, typical employee benefits and many other topics companies need to be aware of before hiring their Japan team. 

05. Breaking Trade Barriers in Japan with Sue Kinoshita

Steve is joined by Sue Kinoshita, Minister Counsellor for Economic Affairs at the British Embassy in Tokyo, to discuss the role the embassy plays in helping UK companies enter the Japanese market.

04. Lessons from Thirty Years of Selling in Japan

In this episode, we take a close look at how can foreign exporters sell to Japanese buyers and how to avoid fatal business pitfalls.

Our guest, Dr. Greg Story, author of Japan Sales Mastery, is a well-known leader in academia, consulting, investments, trade representation, international diplomacy, retail banking and people development. Greg has lived in Tokyo for 28 years and joined Dale Carnegie Training Japan as president in October 2010.

His book Japan Sales Mastery is the product of 30 years in the trenches, experiencing real-world pain, frustration, disappointment, and elation selling to Japanese buyers.

Listen in to some valuable advice on how to choose distributors and sales partners in Japan, how to work with Japanese consumers and how to navigate the Japanese mindset and business culture.

Japan Sales Mastery is available on Amazon: www.amazon.com/Japan-Sales-Maste‚Ķrty/dp/4909535004(not affiliated).

03. Social Media in Japan with Robert Heldt

Today, Steve talks to Robert Heldt, co-founder of Tokyo based online media agency Custom Media, about the intricacies of social media in Japan. Robert gives us some great insight into the numbers of users and demographics of each platform, as well as explains what to look out for before diving into the world of Japanese social media management and marketing.

02. “Ichi-go Ichi-e, Seize the Moment” with Lori Henderson MBE

Steve Crane interviews Executive Director of the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan, Lori Henderson MBE, on the role of the Chamber and the work that it does. They also discuss current trends and opportunities in Japan, as well as providing some tips for those interested in getting into the market.

01. The World of Japanese Startups with Tim Romero

For our first podcast, Export to Japan CEO Steve Crane sits down with four-time company founder Tim Romero to discuss the changes in the Japanese startup world and their implications for foreign companies looking to trade in the Japanese market.