Selling In Japan Through E-Commerce Platforms

Selling your products via E-Commerce platforms is an excellent way to reach millions of consumers online, but where do you start? The Department for International Trade (DIT) in Japan have identified one key partner to help British companies get their products into the marketplace. Download the guide to get started!

E-Exporting Opportunities in Japan

Get Your Brand in Front of Millions of Consumers

Japan is the 3rd largest E-Commerce market in the world, followed by the US and China, with a market size of 11.2 trillion yen in 2013. This is projected to grow to 20 trillion yen by 2020. Online retailing offers a relatively low-risk entry route for UK companies who wish to test the marketability of their products in Japan.

‘Clothing & accessories’ and ‘cosmetics’ are two of the fastest growing categories for E-Commerce in Japan and more and more consumers are choosing to buy their personal items online.

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The leading E-Commerce platforms in Japan are Rakuten, Amazon Japan and Yahoo, followed by several smaller and speciality platforms. However, there are not many platforms which can sell products directly on behalf of overseas sellers. The majority of Japanese E-Commerce platforms require local partners in Japan to handle such things as logistics, fulfilment, customer support, translation, etc.

To find a solution to this problem DIT have identified Amazon Japan as an E-Exporting partner and been closely working with them since autumn 2014. They are very keen to have more UK sellers on board and would be happy to discuss with UK companies directly to sell your products on their platforms.

Amazon Japan

  • One of the leading E-Commerce platforms in Japan having launched in 2000.
  • Japan gets 16% of Amazon’s global traffic. (Apr’13)
  • 3rd biggest E-Commerce market after USA and China.
  • 45m monthly unique visitors (20m Desktop, 25m Mobile), over 100m items sold.

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*Please note that this is a fast moving market and some of the information may not be up to date. We are expecting some big updates around November 2016, and we will make the necessary changes at that time.

Click here to find out more about DIT’s e-Exporting programme.

Watch our recorded webinar on How to Sell Through Amazon Japan to gain a detailed understanding of this platform.

Download our in-depth report on E-Commerce in Japan for information on many of the other platforms in the market.

Please note you may be contacted by an e-commerce expert from DIT Headquarters in the UK. If you would prefer not to be contacted then please drop us a quick line here.

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