PODCAST: Japan Success Story – Rutherford’s

First published: 20th February 2023


Luxury hand-stitched bridle leather bags – Made in the UK, Sold to Japan.

How lost English traditions are revived by the Japanese market.

Rutherford’s bags are a success story of English traditional craft and the value of quality consumer goods in the Japanese market.

Alex Hughes has been working with a Japanese distributer for over 10 years and has great insight into the close working relationships and investments required to successfully embed into the Japanese market.

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Podcast notes

Luxury hand-stitched bridle leather bags – Made in the UK, sold to Japan.

Alex found the patterns and revived the traditional crafts to produce the highest quality bags with skilled craftspeople. The quality caught the attention of a very amicable distributor that led to a long-lasting collaborative effort to ensure the Japanese market got hold of these products.

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