Review of 2023: PM’s Trade Envoy to Japan Flies the Flag for British Exports 

Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy to Japan, Greg Clark MP, made two visits to Japan during 2023. His engagement serves to bolster the UK –Japan trade relationship.  

Back in March during his first visit in the role, he engaged with major Japanese companies, British firms, and important political stakeholders in Japan.  

Mr Clark had the opportunity to see first-hand the value UK businesses get from bringing their products and services to trade shows – he attended WindExpo to meet companies showcasing world leading tech to deal with the transition to renewables and the global energy security challenge. It was a demonstration of how the Japanese renewables sector can benefit from British expertise in the field. In the same week he visited DSEI Japan, the defence & security trade show, learning how UK companies can support a growing relationship between the two nations on defence and security in the region. See our short report at the time [link

The Trade Envoy’s continued engagement with business and government is an opportunity to reinforce investment in shared innovation and collaboration for the mutual benefit of UK and Japanese trade relations.  

At the end of October Mr Clark returned to further engage with Japanese business partners and key Japanese government representatives. He built on his previous visit, attending anniversary events for UK and Japanese businesses that underscore the UK-Japan relationship, and speaking to key Japanese government stakeholders. He chaired a business roundtable to discuss market shaping, joined a discussion on financial regulations and led a panel discussion on supply chain resilience. 

The end of his visit programme coincided with the mission led by the Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, and the Trade Envoy was invited to join, providing strong support for British business, and collaboration with Japan.  The visit provided a welcome promotion of opportunities for both countries to work together on shared objectives with an approach that transcends political differences for the greater economic good.  

Greg Clark MP also provided a supportive message for Export to Japan in recognition of 2023 being our 10 year anniversary.