Mission to Expo – ‘Come Build the Future’

Mission to Expo – Episode 1

The British Embassy in Japan has accepted the mission! The 2025 Osaka Kansai Expo is now just under one year away. DBT is leading a team in Osaka and the UK, with the current Consul General in Osaka, Carolyn Davidson, taking the helm as Commissioner General of the UK Pavilion.

The main construction and pavilion design tenders are now assigned. ES Global leading a team including Woo architects, won the contract to design, build and decommission the UK’s pavilion, with Immersion UK leading on the experience concept for the pavilion. Export to Japan was pleased to attend the Pavilion launch event back in March. We continue to provide updates on tenders for delivering things like elements of design and services for the event on our dedicated Osaka Expo 2025 page.