Japanese Defence Procurement – A Guide For UK Companies: Recorded Webinar

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Watch our free webinar and learn how to win defence contracts in partnership with Japan. 

UK Defence Companies Can Win Business in Partnership with Japan

Background to the Webinar

Between 2004 and 2016 Japan and the UK signed several agreements and agreed on increased bilateral cooperation in the defence sector.

The Japanese Ministry of Defense’s (JMOD) budget of GBP 163.28 billion (Dec 2016 exchange rates) for their “Medium Term Defense Program” shows the importance that they place on their future defence capabilities and capacities. This budget is intended to counter potential threats from ballistic missiles, terrorism, cyber space, invasion of offshore islands and other threats to maritime and economic interests.

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Their procurement strategy focuses on intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities, ensuring maritime and air supremacy, and rapid deployment capabilities to counter all perceived threats.

The webinar will cover the following content:

  • Defence Equipment and Services Awarded by JMOD ATLA
    • JMOD ATLA and Related Organisations
    • JMOD ATLA’s Commissioner
    • Five Missions of JMOD ATLA
    • JMOD ATLA – Defense Technology Strategy and Medium to Long Term Technology Outlook
    • JMOD ATLA – Development Departments, Research Centres & Test Centres
    • JMOD ATLA – Major R&D Programmes in the FY2017 Budget Request
    • JMOD ATLA – Procurement Process
  • Japanese Defence Industry
  • Leading Japanese Defence Companies
  • UK Companies Providing Equipment and Services to the JMOD
  • Leonardo Helicopters Case Study – The JMSDF MCH/CH-101 Helicopter
  • Trade Bodies and Associations
  • Guide to Doing Business in Japan
  • Market Entry Strategy (including Trading Houses)
  • How to Set Up a Business in Japan
  • How to Manage Partnerships with Japanese Companies

About the Speakers

Tim Johnson, Head of the Strategic Trade team at the British Embassy in Tokyo, will host the webinar.

Paul Ellis, Assistant Director for North East Asia and the Pacific, Defence and Security Organisation, Department of International Trade, will impart his expert advice on winning business in the defence sector in Japan.

Benefits of Watching

UK companies operating in the defence sector can learn more about procurement strategy in Japan and learn how to win business in partnership with Japan.

Image credits: MOD | DIT DSO | GOV.UK |

This webinar was recorded on 3 April 2017. 

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Japan Defence Procurement – A Guide for UK Companies: Webinar Slides


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