Independent Ageing 2023


13th October, 2023 - 15th October, 2023


Aichi Sky Expo, Aichi, Japan

Expo and Convention
Innovative Solutions & Technologies for the Ageing Population

As life expectancy is increasing the world population is ageing. Many ageing people wish to continue with their independent lifestyle yet require support to do that. A combination of methodology and technology could enable most aging people to continue with their independent lifestyle.

Independent Ageing is an international B2B and B2P event with 1,000 – 2,000 expected participants. The sessions will be centered around a main Expo with opportunities to showcase directly to your audience, schedule meetings with partners, and network with other businesses and organizations.

Showcasing ‘AgeTech’

There may still be opportunity to showcase for UK ‘AgeTech’ companies representing a market ready product in any of the following sectors of interest:

– Lifestyle (Mobility, Safety, Learning)
– Medical (Healthcare, Caregiving)
– Health and Wellness (Cognitive, Emotional, Psychological, Physical)
– Social and Communication (Staying Connected, Engagement and Purpose)
– Financial (Financial Management, End of Life Planning)