Webinar: Takeda Talks Pharma & Opportunities

Watch this webinar for an outline of Japan’s top pharmaeutical company and details of the kind of business opportunities your company could take advantage of with Takeda.

This webinar explains Takeda’s strategy for product development and areas of possible collaboration between Takeda and your company (eg technology out-licensing, joint R&D, contract manufacturing, etc)

Takeda is Japan’s top, and the world’s 15th largest, pharmaceutical company with $15,961 million sales in 2012.  More than 50% of sales come from overseas and, as seen in the recent news about their appointment of Christophe Weber of GSK Vaccines as their COO, Takeda have been rapdily developing their overall globalisation strategy. The pharma giant has been proactively seeking alliance opportunities with overseas companies with innovative technologies and services.

In this webinar, Heads of the Pharmaceutical Research Division and the Chemistry Manufacturing and Controls (CMC) Centre explain the key elements of each division and provide a high level summary of the type of alliances they are interested in.

The Guest Speakers

Dr. Tetsuyuki Maruyama, General Manager of Pharmaceutical Research Division

After graduating from Stanford with a Ph.D. in Psychology and Neuroscience, Dr. Maruyama held a diverse range of posts in academia and is currently Honorary Professor in Neuroscience at Cardiff University. After working in Singapore as the Director of the GSK Centre for Research in Cognitive and Neurodegenerative Disorders, Dr. Maruyama joined Takeda Pharmaceutical in 2010.

Dr. James Morley, Head of CMC Center

Dr. Morley earned a Ph.D. from the University of North Dakota, majoring in Organic Chemistry. He held a number of reserch roles including in the Pharmaceutical Products Division in Abbott Laboratories and joined Takeda in 2000 as Director of CMC North America, before moving on to Pharmaceutical Global Research and Development.

This webinar was recorded live at the British Embassy Tokyo on 3rd March 2014 and is only available to members of the Export to Japan website.

You may also be interested in this detailed report outlining what kind of businesses Takeda is looking to engage with: Areas of Interest to Collaborate with Takeda. (requires free sign-up)

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