Webinar: Asset Management In Japan

Two asset management experts from Nomura Research Institute and Nikko Asset Management host a webinar to discuss the opportunities in the Japanese Market

Japan is a huge market with personal financial assets amounting to over 1500 trillion yen (USD 15 trillion). Japan is also home to some of the largest public and corporate pension funds such as the Government Pension Investment Fund, Pension Fund Association.  Foreign fund management companies have been growing their business in Japan gradually by entering into subadvisory agreements with Japanese asset management firms or winning mandates from pension funds.

This webinar is hosted by two very special speakers who discuss the current state of the industry and how foreign companies can develop business in this huge market:

Mr Sadayuki HORIE, Senior Researcher, Nomura Research Institute

Mr Charles BEAZLEY, Chief Executive and President, Nikko Asset Management

Mr Horie provides an update of the market on how personal wealth and pension funds are being managed and Mr Beazley, who heads a leading Japanese asset management company, provides his insights on how to work with Japanese financial institutions.

Naomi Takegoshi from UKTI Tokyo also introduces the 4th UK Asset Management Seminars in Japan to take place in early February as a platform for UK companies to raise their profile.

This webinar was recorded live in Tokyo on 22nd October 2013 and is only available to members of the Export to Japan website.

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