UK Music in Japan with Dinosaur Pile-Up

British alternative rock band Dinsaur Pile-Up stopped by the British Embassy in Japan to speak to HM Ambassador to Japan Tim Hitchens about their career and how they found success in Japan. 

UK Bands Find Success in Japan

Matt Bigland, Mike Sheils and Jim Cratchley, the three members of Dinosaur Pile-Up, recently visited Japan to perform for their fans.

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The band was formed in 2007 and has built up a following in the UK and the USA.

Bigland revealed that a chance meeting between the band’s UK label and their Japanese label sparked off a relationship that grew quite quickly. Being a new band in Japan enabled them to create a story quite easily, and start from the groud up.

Sheils and Cratchley discussed the high level of investment and devotion they see from Japanese fans.

The hugely popular Summer Sonic music festival can be a great way for bands to build their profile in Japan.

Some insights from the band include not forgetting that the Japanese music industry works differently to that in the UK, so ensuring that you find the right label for you is invaluable, and also to embrace your Britishness, as the Japanese audiences are very interested in that aspect.


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