UK Business Ambassador On Japan Electricity Market Reform

As Japan moves to restructure its energy market, there are plenty of opportunities available for UK companies to get involved in the conversation. 

The Right Honourable Brian Wilson’s role as a UK Business Ambassador involves promoting trade with Britain abroad. A former politician now working in the private sector, he believes his unusual background can provide valuable experience as he fulfils his duties.

Japan can learn a lot about energy market liberalisation from the UK, both from mistakes and the things that were done right, says Wilson.

The UK’s strengths relate particularly to national grid issues, namely in enhancements, balancing and processes, as Japan’s current system is a regional one.

“It’s going to be a different market for them, it’s going to be quite a similar market to what we have in the UK, so everyone who contributes to that market in the UK potentially is a contributor to what is happening in Japan,” Wilson stated with confidence.

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