Sir Paul Smith: Business & The Future Of Design

On his most recent visit to Japan in April 2014, Sir Paul Smith stopped by the British Embassy, Tokyo to share his perspectives of the Japanese market and the future of design.

With a handful of his own stores in Tokyo, and his creations being sold in all of the major Japanese department stores, Sir Paul Smith is easily one of the most popular and successful British designers to have conquered the Japanese market.

“Coming to Japan is a tough job because there are a lot of people out there after the same bit of business,” he revealed. “In a world which is full of too much, creativity and design has never been so important, because that can create a point of view.”

In this video, Sir Paul Smith shares three key aspects of creating a strong brand that can flourish in any market: point of view, control, and the ability to think laterally.

Concerning the competitiveness of the Japanese market, he advised, “If you’re thinking of coming to Japan, think carefully about why anybody would want to buy your product.” “Once you’ve shown them that you know, your dreams can come true.”

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June 2014