Shionogi Pharma Talks R&D Collaboration

Watch our free webinar to hear about opportunities to collaborate with Shionogi, one of Japan’s leading research based pharmaceutical companies.

Shionogi Pharma – R&D Collaboration Opportunities

UK Trade & Investment Japan Life Sciences Team are delighted to announce our third pharmaceutical webinar this year, by inviting the speakers from Shionogi Co & Ltd to speak on Monday 29th September, 9.30 am UK time.

Shionogi generated annual sales of 289,717 million yen (approx.  £1,665 million / £=174 yen) in 2013.

Their mission is “to provide medicine of the best possible quality essential for the protection peoples’ health”.

They are engaged in R&D, manufacturing and marketing activities with a primary focus on prescription drugs, OTC and diagnostics.  For the R&D, they have designated obesity / diabetes and viral infection as priority areas.

Shionogi’s ethical pharmaceutical business is their core which accounts for over 90% of total sales.  Their core therapeutic areas are metabolic syndrome, pain and infectious disease.   Their core products include Crestor (cholesterol medication), the Irbetan family of drugs (Irbetan and Aimix: anti-hypertension drug), Cymbalta (depression treatment) to name just a few.

Shionogi is currently looking to expand their global business network having acquired American firm Sciele Pharma Inc in 2008 expanding their product portfolio as well as establishing sales infrastructure in the US market.

In Europe, they established Shionogi Ltd in London in 2012 as a development centre for accelerating the commercialisation of pipeline products.  Their key objectives are to promote the SHIONOGI Science Programme, an industry-academic collaboration programme focusing on joint research, as well as furthering Shionogi’s development on a global scale by careful selection of distribution partners.

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This free webinar will give an overview of Shionogi’s business and partnering strategy with particular focus on areas of potential collaboration with UK businesses. It will also touch on the application process for the SHIONOGI Science Programme.

The Speakers

Head of UK Trade & Investment Japan Sue Kinoshita will host our special guest speakers.

Ms. Yayoi Matsumoto, Manager, Global Innovation Office, Shionogi & Co Ltd

Ms. Matsumoto has been promoting collaboration between academia and industry for 8 years and started her career taking the lead on an open innovation programme called FINDS in Japan. The success of this programme has seen it expand internationally where it is now known as SHIONOGI Science Programme.

Dr Susumu Mitsumori, Director, Head of Strategic & Portfolio Management, Global Development Office, Shionogi & Co Ltd

Dr. Mitsumori received his Masters degree in 1995 from the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science Tokyo University, and joined Shionogi Research Laboratories in the same year.  Then, he received his Ph.D. degree in 2003 for the studies on novel prostaglandin D2 antagonists from Kyoto University.  In 2004-2005, he worked as a postdoctoral fellow in the laboratory of Professor Carlos F. Barbas III at The Scripps Research Institute.  In 2010, he received MBA from Kobe University.  He has experiences in external research role and corporate planning in his career.  Currently, he is in charge of portfolio management in Shionogi Headquarters.

Dr. Tsuneaki Sakata, Senior Fellow, Global Innovation Office, Shionogi & Co Ltd

Dr. Sakata graduated from Graduate School of Osaka University where his major was molecular biology, particularly genome science.  He is now in charge of open innovation at Shionogi & Co Ltd and also holds positions as visiting professor at Japanese national universities such as Osaka, Kobe, and Tokushima.

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You may be interested in the Shionogi Science Program, the application details of which can be found in the PDFs below.

The presentation slides and detailed report outlining what kind of businesses Shionogi is looking to engage with (Shionogi Research Interests Slides) are available for download here.

This webinar was recorded on 29 September 2014.

Shionogi Science Program Flyer

Shionogi Science Program Application Guidelines