Shifting Supply Chains and its Impact on the Indo-Pacific Business Landscape


17th November, 2022


08:00 - 09:30 Japan Time


Grand Hyatt Hotel

The British Chamber of Commerce in Japan (BCCJ) is pleased to be collaborating with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan (CCCJ) to bring you a hybrid panel discussion breakfast event on Thursday, November 17 at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo.

Even before the world was faced with the pandemic, fundamental factors such as decarbonisation and the trade war initiated by former US President Trump against China and Europe were already key disruptions to global supply chains. The Covid-19 crisis only added to the existing geopolitical, labour and ecoclimate issues, bringing the disruption on supply chains to a whole new level, frequently resulting in an interruption of goods and services across the world. Followed by the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, and the subsequent sanctions against Russia, this then added a further dimension to the ongoing disruption. Although signs are now pointing to a better year in general for supply chains in 2023, we must remain cautious of the other potential new threats, such as a potential conflict involving Taiwan.

Join us on November 17 to deepen your understanding of what it is that’s driving supply chains today and the key challenges facing them, and learn how other business leaders are trying to cope with the ever-shifting state of global supply chains. Our cross-industry panel will discuss and share insights into how the recent changes in supply chains are impacting trade, production, distribution and consumption of goods in the region, what direction this might take in the months and year to come, and most importantly, what this will mean for your business.

Moderated by Stephen Nagy, Senior Associate Professor at International Christian University and a Governor at CCCJ, panellists will include Yukinori Mizumoto, Chief Procurement Officer at Nitto Denko, Dr Amitendu Palit, Senior Research Fellow and Research Lead on Trade and Economic Policy at Institute of South Asian Studies, National University of Singapore, and Takuji Okubo, Managing Director at Japan Macro Advisors.

More details about the speakers, as well as booking and reservation information can be found at the BCCJ website: Shifting Supply Chains and its Impact on the Indo-Pacific Business Landscape – British Chamber of Commerce in Japan