Recorded Webinar: New Opportunities In The Deregulated Energy Market In Japan

DIT Japan hosts a webinar to introduce exciting business opportunities for British energy companies in light of recent liberalisations in the electricity and gas markets in Japan. The speakers tackle the questions of why Japan and why now and answer many questions from the audience.

The electricity retail market* in Japan was fully liberalised in April 2016, followed by the gas retail liberalisation in April 2017. Since then, the Japanese energy market has gone through a dynamic change with the entry of many new domestic and overseas companies.

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Further deregulation in the energy market will take place in 2020. (I.e. the legal unbundling of transmission and distribution sectors.)

The deregulation process is causing the Japanese energy market to face various challenges such as the expiration of feed-in-tariff for 500,000 households in 2019 or the deployment of more renewables towards 2030 etc.

To overcome these challenges, the Japanese energy companies are looking for new business models and to learn from the UK, a market that experienced similar deregulation and challenges.

*The size of the electricity market in Japan is about 128 billion GBP (industrial 70 billion, households 57 billion).

This webinar covers:

  • Summary of the Japanese energy market reforms to date and the current situation,
  • What would happen in the electricity market in Japan in the coming few years,
  • Characteristics of players in the Japanese electricity market,
  • Current market challenges and areas where advanced electricity markets such as the UK could provide experience,
  • Q&A session.

Trade Mission to Japan

DIT Japan revealed details of a trade mission opportunity to Japan during the webinar. The trade visit will take place in January-February 2019. Click here for more information.

For this webinar, we’re pleased to be joined by Mr Takekawa and Mr Ishibashi from Kanden System Solutions (KSS), a subsidiary of Kansai Electric Power Company, the second largest utility company In Japan.

Download the Presentation:

27092018 PPT_Japanese Electricity Market and opportunities_Webinar


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