Recorded Webinar: Cultural Consideration for Exporting to Japan

Learn how to effectively deal with potential Japanese business partners and the cultural considerations of this unique market. 

What will I learn?

Japan’s unique culture has been shaped by trends and forces from within and outside the country. An understanding of these and how they have shaped Japanese society will help you in your dealings with Japanese people, businesses and society in general.

For British businesses looking to explore doing business in the Japanese market, it is crucial to gain an understanding of some fundamental Japanese cultural practices, particularly as they apply within the business context.

Join key officials from Export to Japan and East West Interface who will give a comprehensive look at the cultural considerations for exporting to the Japanese market in 2021.

  • Session 1 – Introduction to Japan – Steve Crane
  • Session 2 – Insights in to doing business in Japan – Sarah Parsons
    • Japan 2021 – overview of society and attitude to work
    • Business etiquette
    • Customer service and consumer tastes
    • Business communications
    • Group orientation decision making
    • Hierarchies
    • Decision making / negotiation
    • Feedback and reporting
    • Communication styles
    • Building trust
    • How to get buy in
  • Session 3 – Export to Japan – an introduction and how to navigate the platform – Steve Crane
  • Q&A

This webinar was hosted by the Department for International Trade. Please fill in the form below to get access to the video.