Partnering with Japan’s blue-chip companies: Reverse pitching series


8th July, 2021


0900 - 0945 UK Time


MS Teams



There has never been a better time to do business with Japan.

Since January the UK has a new Free Trade Agreement with the world’s third largest economy, opening even more opportunities for UK companies to forge partnerships and generate new business in this dynamic Asian country.

Marking this exciting new chapter in trading relations between the UK and Japan, the Department for International Trade and Tech Nation are delighted to announce a launch of first of its kind event called ‘Reverse pitching series’ and invite innovative technology companies in the UK to explore the business opportunities in Japan.

In each session of this series a renowned Japanese blue-chip company is selected as a speaker. In this session Toshiba will give a talk on the technical issues they are currently faced with in order to seek solutions that UK companies could offer to resolve it. The talk is not limited to seeking the solutions for the issues, they are also keen to discover innovative technologies to jointly explore the market in Japan and globally making the most of the network they have. Once you identify the solution(s) to offer, there will be a separate one to one meeting set up between your company and the Japanese company for a detailed discussion.

As this is organised in a business matching format, the discussion is expected to be focused and effective, and the outcome is likely to lead to a partnership within a minimum time.

Message from Toshiba

Toshiba was founded in 1875 as manufacturing company, and currently Toshiba group delivers digital solutions business worldwide in four functional segments, device and products, infrastructure system, infrastructure services and data services. Infrastructure services is core of Toshiba and further evolve by promoting data utilization and digitization. Toshiba has two advantages which is the fusion of physical and cyber technologies. Toshiba creates new add value of business and contribute to the development society with the strengths of CPS (Cyber Physical Systems) technologies like information technology, digital technology and AI technology by combine the knowledge and achievements of these business areas.

Toshiba expands industrial IoT services which branding name is “TOSHIBA SPINEX”, and its own reference architecture as a common guideline for creating industrial IoT services. Toshiba would like to deliver TOSHBA SPINEX brand industrial IoT services in the world on this architecture and form an ecosystem with many partners in the global market.

Now is the time to spring into Japan.