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Japan Convention Services

Japan Convention Services, Inc. (JCS) is one of Japan’s leading professional congress organisers and language service provider.

Special Offer: Japan Convention Services is offering 12-15% off regular service pricing to members of Export to Japan.


About Japan Convention Services

Japan Convention Services, Inc. (JCS), with its 56-year history as a translation company, offers high-quality services with expert translators specialised in every field. JCS adds value to lead your business to success. As your best language partner in Japan, JCS’s translators accommodate your needs for excellent presentation materials, publicity documents, top messages, and contacts as professional language communicators. We are confident that you will be satisfied with our quality.

Japan Convention Services is offering Export to Japan members 12-15% off regular prices (excluding tax) * English to Japanese Translation: 1 word = ¥22 * Japanese to English Translation: 1 character=¥17 (fee for proofreading by a native speaker of English included) Please be advised that the unit price may change depending on the delivery time and level of difficulty. Please contact us for an estimate on a case-by-case basis.

JCS offers the following value and reassurances to foreign companies looking to expand their business to Japan and those already active in Japan: – A wide range of areas covered, – Number of orders for translation services we handle annually: More than 2,500, – A rich pool of translators: More than 900 registered translators, – Socially highly visible record of translation services: > Translation of the meeting materials for the “Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation 2010 Japan. > Production of the Japanese version of the “United Nations Development Programme Annual Report 2010/2011”. > Translation of the speech manuscripts of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and 6 other participants in the ceremony to commemorate the second anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake. > Handling of confidential information: JCS received Privacy Mark certification before any other company in the industry. We had our certification renewed for the 10th time in July 2021. JCS is the only company in the industry that has successfully had its certification renewed 10 times.

About the Privacy Mark: – At JCS, services other than translation (interpretation, meetings and events, staffing) are available on a one-stop basis.

Examples of the areas our services cover:

  • IT-related: Software, hardware, user’s manuals, information communications technologies, etc.
  • Finance-related: Securities, banks, currency exchange, insurances, real estate investments, etc.
  • IR-related: CSR annual reports, financial statements, reports on final accounts, etc.
  • Energy: Atomic energy, coal, recyclable energy
  • Law-related: Various contract documents, internal control laws and regulations (J-SOX), etc.
  • Medical and pharmaceutical: Medical papers, clinical trial-related documents, application documents, production-related documents, etc.
  • Business: Management strategies, consulting, marketing, etc.
  • Public relations-related: Advertisement, internal newsletters, pamphlets, company brochures, etc.
  • International conferences: Speeches by Imperial family members (the Emperor, the Crown Prince), speeches by the Prime Minister and other ministers, minutes, etc.

Optional services associated with translation – Layout editing services: Microsoft Office. – DTP: Printing services, using InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, FrameMaker and PageMaker. – Website editing services: From translation to website coding. – Video editing services: From subtitle editing to narration recording

Free of charge trial service Should you plan to place an order for translation services, a trial translation by multiple translators we select before the start of the actual translation is available free of charge. Thus, you can select the translator before the start of the service. Please be forewarned that for the trial translation, you are requested to choose a manuscript with 200 or less English words or 400 or less Japanese characters.

Corporate Profile Japan Convention Services, Inc., Daido Seimei Kasumigaseki Bldg.1-4-2 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Long recognised as Japan’s preeminent professional congress organiser, JCS continues to lead the nation’s MICE industry with a track record of proven expertise. For more than 50 years, we have been providing total and specified services for international conferences in such diverse fields as medicine, pharmacology, biotechnology, science, IT, engineering, economics, business administration and agriculture. Our event support capabilities are wide-ranging and extend to new product launches, corporate incentives and sporting events, in addition to cultural seminars and symposiums. JCS is also an established language service company, offering simultaneous and consecutive interpretation at more than 3,000 international events each year, which range from G8 Summit to an in-house corporate meeting with just two participants. Translation and documentation services for scientific papers, commercial brochures, and all other types of documents, too, are available.

The Fine Print

Operating hours: 9:30 – 17:30 Japan time

Method of payment: Payment can be made easily via credit card (JCB/AMEX/VISA/Master). An order made from outside Japan: Advance payment is requested (with a minimum charge). An order made in Japan: Advance payment is requested for the initial order. For the second order and after, payment within a month or less of the delivery of the service is requested. We ask for payment including wire transfer and other bank fees.

About the minimum charge: The following minimum charge is applied if you do not have a bank account with a bank in Japan.

  • English 1,500 words or less: 1 set = ¥33,000 *tax excluded
  • Japanese 2,000 characters or less: 1 set = ¥34,000 *tax excluded

Others If you need a contract or other documents, we will prepare it each time as required.