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Eat Creative

Eat creative is a Tokyo based creative agency specialising in brand development, web/print design and content creation.

Special Offer: Eat Creative is offering a full day of free consultancy on branding and communication strategy for both companies entering the Japanese market for the first time and those already set up in Japan with specific marketing challenges.


About Eat Creative

Eat Creative is a branding and communications agency based in Tokyo and engaged with businesses across Europe, North America and Asia. We work with international brands expanding into Japan and Japanese companies looking to communicate more effectively in the global marketplace.

Eat is offering Export to Japan members a full day of free consultancy on their branding and communication strategy.

Partnering with international companies to engage with the Japanese market has been a core part of our work for the past 15 years. This includes both companies entering the market for the first time as well as companies already set up here, with specific marketing challenges.

Close involvements with the BCCJ, British Embassy and British Council during this time have given Eat a strong understanding of challenges facing UK businesses in Japan. As a UK company preparing to do business in Japan for the first time, this consultancy will either validate your proposed marketing strategy or provide you with the insight necessary to refine that strategy prior to execution. For companies already here, it will provide an opportunity to review specific challenges with a fresh approach.

This consultancy will take the form of a high-level review of your company’s marketing and communications strategy for Japan. We will provide market insight and initial thoughts on maximising ROI. This would be summarised in a 1-2 page document.

The consultancy would be equivalent 8 hours of Eat time, equal to 160,000 JPY and include two meetings:

#1: Listening and learning
#2: Presentation of initial thoughts

Meetings can be face-to-face in Tokyo, by phone, or through email correspondence.


The Fine Print

Eat will complete the consultancy within a one month period. We can work with a maximum of two companies per month, so this offer is available on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

Eat has the right to refuse to provide this offer to any Member where doing so would cause it a conflict of interest with any of its present clients.