PR and Marketing

PR and Marketing

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Founded in 2008, Custom Media is an award-winning, bilingual, content-creation and communication agency in Tokyo. Our 30-strong staff innovative solutions to help clients succeed in a constantly changing world through engaging content-marketing campaigns using print, digital, video or social media products and services.

Ogilvy Public Relations Japan comprises a world-class consulting team backed by an award-winning global network. We provide the full range of public relations and marketing communications services to leading multinational corporations. Ogilvy PR is proud to support the Export to Japan initiative by extending to members a complimentary briefing on Japan’s PR and media landscape, a unique opportunity to “decode” this sophisticated and complex market.

Candlewick is one of Japan’s leading independent public relations and marketing communications consultancies. Candlewick’s mission is to support foreign brands to reach customers in the most effective way. Candlewick is your partner to market success in Japan. We offer up to 6 hours FREE CONSULTATION, face-to-face or via online. The consultation will focus on: Sales Channels/Media Profile Strategy/Budgeting/Consumer Insights/Review of your product-service offering

Eat Creative is a branding and communications agency based in Tokyo and engaged with businesses across Europe, North America and Asia. We work with international brands expanding into Japan and Japanese companies looking to communicate more effectively in the global marketplace. Eat is happy to offer a day of free consultancy on branding and communication strategy for both companies entering the market for the first time and those already set up here with specific marketing challenges.