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Mobal has been involved in offering the best communication solutions for international travellers since 1989. We take immense pride in providing a platform to drive change in some of the world's neediest communities.


About Mobal

A convenient and an easy phone service with friendly English speaking customer support, no contracts and simple payment methods. Most of Mobal’s profits are given to charity so that when you join, you don’t just travel the world but you help make it a better place.

Getting a SIM for Japan has traditionally been unbelievably frustrating for overseas visitors. Domestic Japanese providers require visitors to have a Residence Card and a Japanese bank account. They also require filling complicated forms.
Even if you get past these hurdles, you’ll be locked into a long contract with prohibitive termination fees. Rental options are expensive and often have several hidden charges. The prepaid SIMs in Japan are usually data only. So, if you need a Japanese phone number for work or pleasure, prepaid services are simply not an option.


Introducing the new Japan Unlimited SIM from Mobal

Mobal’s new Japan Unlimited SIM has been designed to remove the obstacles that other providers place in your way. It’s simple to sign up and easy to cancel whenever you need to. With the Mobal Japan Unlimited SIM, you get:


  • Unlimited data – use as much data as you like without fear of unexpected bills
  • A Japanese phone number & free incoming calls
  • No contract, no termination fees – cancel anytime
  • English language customer support
  • Perfect for short trips & long-term visitors to Japan


The SIM works in any unlocked handset, including smartphones and iPhones. Ordering and payment is easy, simply order online and pay with your international credit card. Japan can be a difficult country to navigate. With an unlimited data SIM in your smartphone, you can easily find your way around with maps and transportation apps. You can effortlessly translate Japanese phrases and menus.

You can print your Japanese phone number on your business cards and enjoy the benefit of free incoming calls. All in all, you can easily keep in touch with the office, and keep the folks at home up to date with your latest Japanese adventures.

For full details on the new Japan Unlimited SIM or to place your order, visit:

About Mobal

Mobal is one of the world’s longest running cell phone providers with offices in Japan, the USA and Europe. Since 1989, Mobal has served over 250,000 international travellers and has earned great reviews from the likes of Frommer’s, Budget Travel and TIME Magazine! Mobal guarantees that the majority of profits go to charity. So, with a Mobal phone, you don’t just travel the world, you make it a better place. Learn more at