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Hakuten is a Japan-based agency that specialises in all aspects of live corporate communications such as exhibitions, promotional events, conferences, and showrooms/shops that enable face-to-face meetings between companies and users.

Special Offer: Hakuten is offering a free 1-hour long consultation to provide advice on the best promotional plans in Japan.


About Hakuten

Hakuten is offering 1 hour long consultation to learn about your sales approach in Japan and offer advice on how to implement effective promotional plans to acquire leads in the Japanese market.

Following the free consultation Hakuten can offer the following services to UK companies (at standard rates):

1. Booth Exhibit Support for Joint Exhibitions/Trade Fairs

Hakuten works on more than 1,500 exhibition booth displays a year.
Providing a one-stop service, from activities promoting booths prior to the period of the exhibition to follow-up policies covering design, execution, operations and exhibition visitors, Hakuten maximizes the effects of displays. Hakuten has established a reputation particularly in the case of design, for which the Company receives several awards every year.
Hakuten also provides support for foreign companies’ exhibition displays in Japan.

2. Support for Holding One-Company Exhibitions/Business Meetings

These are events that companies stage by themselves to convey to visitors a detailed impression of them as well as their products and services. Hakuten supports such events from the plan for holding an exhibition to attracting visitors, site design, construction, and operation as well as by a process that rank visitors as prospective customers. This business has seen an increase in the number of enquiries in recent years.

3. Seminar/Conference Management Support

With regard to seminars and conferences held by companies to invite their customers, Hakuten provides services that call for high levels of expertise. These services include: concept selection, implementation planning, secretariat proxy services for visitors, venue arrangement, management operations, and data gathering and analysis.

4. Commercial Space Design and Construction Support

Hakuten provides the full gamut of support, from the selection of showroom or shop-that will be recognized by users as the face of the company-to design and execution. This support enhances the value of user experience by creating powerful spaces that leave a lasting impression.

5. Website design and management Support

In response to broadening client needs, Hakuten is collaborating with the mass media and Internet advertisers and also build websites for the clients


The Fine Print

Meeting locations must be inside Tokyo area (with exceptions).

After agreeing to take our proposals, 50% of the budget must be paid in advance (with exception).

With no exceptions, we do not export our products and support importing client’s products.