PODCAST: OSAKA EXPO 2025: A World of Opportunity – with Kay Nemoto of Dentsu and Minami Uchida of EY Strategy & Consulting.

First published: 2nd December 2022


Steve talks to two experts about opportunities around OSAKA EXPO 2025 and beyond.

Video Podcast

Podcast notes

OSAKA, KANSAI, JAPAN EXPO 2025 “Designing Future Society for Our Lives” is a great opportunity to shed light on the vast potential of the Kansai region and western Japan. There is a lot going on beyond the metropolis of Tokyo.

Kay Nemoto, Senior Business Co-creation Producer at Dentsu, and Minami Uchida, Partner at EY Strategy and Consulting, offer their thoughts and experience on the aspects of supporting large events, potential for international companies to get involved, and what it could mean for further opportunities in the challenging and rewarding Japanese market.

For more information and updates on OSAKA EXPO keep an eye out for further reports from Export to Japan, as we watch the developments leading up to 2025 very closely. Of course, with keen focus on how the UK pavilion shapes up!

You can also visit https://www.expo2025.or.jp/en/ for more on EXPO 2025

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