Collaboration Opportunities In Japan’s Offshore Wind Industry

This final report in a three-part series from The Carbon Trust outlines recommendations on the offshore wind industry in Japan and opportunities for collaboration between Japan and Europe.

The detailed recommendations include a variety of ways to accelerate the deployment of offshore wind in Japan.  UK companies interested to know their potential in the Japanese market can gain useful insights from analysis and discussion of:

  • Collaborative Research and Development
  • Operational experience through co-investment and workshops
  • Cost reduction assessment
  • Supply chain assessment
  • Policy best practice

The report also highlights the potential for significant mutual benefit through co-investment, development and the exchange of resources and expertise.

This report is the third in a series of exclusive reports produced by The Carbon Trust, commissioned by the British Embassy Tokyo.

The first report is a detailed appraisal of the Offshore Wind Industry in Japan

The second report, Technology Solutions for Japan’s Offshore Wind Industry outlines the challenges facing the Japanese market and offers existing solutions from the UK and European markets.

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For expert advice and help on how your business can engage in the Japanese renewables sector, please contact a market expert.