Open Innovation In Japan: ICT, Electronics And Technology

UKTI Japan’s in-depth report on ‘Open Innovation’ in Japan will cover the essential aspects of this trend and highlight opportunities for UK companies seeking to do business in this sector. 

Emphasis on Innovation is Creating Business Opportunities for UK Companies in Japan

The trade side of UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) promotes UK exports worldwide. The Technology Team at UKTI Japan explores technology opportunities in the Japanese market in which UK companies have strong potential to offer business and services, and try to connect UK companies to these opportunities. Recently, Japanese companies have begun looking at the concept of ‘Open Innovation’ which has the possibility of further increasing the opportunities available.

The phrase “Open Innovation” has seen a marked increase in use amongst the Japanese media over the last two years. If the Japanese market adopts open innovation, many new business opportunities for UK companies will come about. As such, the UKTI Technology Team conducted interviews with leading Japanese electronics and ICT companies in order to research the attitude towards, and current situation of open innovation in Japan. News regarding the activities of open innovation reported by the Japanese media has also been consulted and used to provide further background.

Topics covered include:

  • Details of Activities
  • Effects of Digitalisation
  • Areas of Focus for Japanese Companies
  • Technologies of Interest
  • Case Studies
  • How Business is Done in Japan
  • Multipliers

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