Nuclear In Japan: Opportunities For UK Expertise

Watch this short interview to gain a better understanding of the opportunities for your company in the Japanese Nuclear industry.

Dr. Keith Franklin, Head of Nuclear at The British Embassy Tokyo, and Tim Hitchens, British Ambassador to Japan, discuss the opportunities for UK companies to assist Japan as it continues to recover and tackle the process of decommissioning Fukushima Dai-Ichi.

As the Japanese government is increasingly reaching out to foreign experts for advice and assistance in nuclear decommissioning and technologies, the UK is well-positioned to support Japan in its efforts having the most developed decommissioning industry in the world.

Dr. Franklin, on secondment from the National Nuclear Laboratories, has been working closely with Tepco and the Japanese government since 2011 to explain the UK’s experience and capabilities in the Nuclear industry. Having formed strong ties and relationships with many of the key influencers in Japan, UK companies are now in a very strong position to have an impact in Japan and aid recovery efforts.

This short interview covers the following key themes:

  • What opportunities the nexus of Fukushima offers British companies
  • What Japanese nuclear operators are looking for
  • The types of companies that are seeing success in Japan
  • What the latest problems are that your company could provide a solution to
  • How we can help guide you in the market and connect with the right people

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