Nomad Digital on Track to Be Key Player in Train Wi-Fi

“The UKTI team at the embassy acts as Nomad Japan and we would be lost without their support and presence” 
Spencer Dando, Nomad Digital

Established as recently as 2002, the company is headquartered in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and improves the connectivity of both trains and buses, giving passengers access to more reliable Internet connections, media entertainment and real-time information whilst they are on the move. There are also major benefits for companies that operate trains and buses, points out Spencer Dando, the company’s Regional Director for Middle East, Africa and Asia, as Nomad’s expertise gives them improved vehicle safety, increased efficiency and vehicle monitoring and maintenance.

“We have been working with Hitachi Rail Europe for a while and the first deal has just been announced,” said Dando, pointing to the deal for Nomad Digital to provide an On Board Server solution for the fleet of Hitachi Super Express trains that will make up the Intercity Express Programme and for Hitachi’s existing fleet of trains that operate on the UK High Speed line south of London. “The Department of Trade and Industry invited us to speak in Japan and from there interest developed,” Dando said.

“Japan remains one of the largest rail markets that is currently untapped by our solutions. With Japan being a world leader in technology and one of the largest markets for connectivity we believe that Japan is a very good opportunity for us.”

Dando estimates the company has the potential to establish a strong presence in Japan as there is no competing solution – and certainly not of the technical level of Nomad Digital. Nomad has a unique understanding of the technical and safety requirements for train installations and has worked in Japan to understand the specifics of Japanese regulation and the customers’ requirements.

“Japanese railways have an enviable reputation worldwide for service, reliability and punctuality, especially the Shinkansen,” added Damian Bryant, Regional Director for the APAC region. “We believe that we can help Japanese rail operators raise their customer service levels and customer experience even higher with our technology.”

It has not all been plain sailing, however, and Nomad Digital is appreciative of all the assistance that has been provided by the UKTI team at the British Embassy in Tokyo. Describing that assistance as “invaluable,” Dando said, “The UKTI team at the embassy acts as Nomad Japan and we would be lost without their support and presence. I am genuinely impressed with our man in Japan, Hirokuni Miyamatsu, the Senior Commercial Officer.”

Without the guidance of the UKTI team, Dando does not believe his company would have been able to crack the Japanese market. Looking to the company’s future in Japan, Nomad Digital anticipates that it will require a local office to be set up in the future to handle the volume of orders that are likely to be generated.

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