Lessons from Thirty-One Years of Selling in Japan

In this episode, we take a close look at how can foreign exporters sell to Japanese buyers and how to avoid fatal business pitfalls.

Our guest, Dr Greg Story, author of Japan Sales Mastery, is a well-known leader in academia, consulting, investments, trade representation, international diplomacy, retail banking and people development. Greg has lived in Tokyo for 31 years and joined Dale Carnegie Training Japan as president in October 2010.

His book Japan Sales Mastery is the product of his experience in the trenches, dealing with real-world pain, frustration, disappointment, and elation selling to Japanese buyers.

Listen in to some valuable advice on how to choose distributors and sales partners in Japan, how to work with Japanese consumers and how to navigate the Japanese mindset and business culture.

Japan Sales Mastery is available on Amazon (link not affiliated).

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