Japanese Energy & Smart Technology: Recorded Webinar

This webinar is a great opportunity for UK companies to find out the challenges the Japanese face powering their country and some of the opportunities that exist for UK companies in this sector.

Japanese Energy Infrastructure & Smart Technology

Japan’s electricity infrastructure was put in place in 1952 and didn’t undergo any significant overhaul until 2011. With nuclear power currently removed from the energy mix and nationwide measures in place to reduce electricity consumption, technologies such as smart meters and smart grids have seen investment on a huge scale. With such investment comes big opportunities for UK companies in this sector.

With the uncertainty surrounding the restart of Japan’s nuclear program (will they or won’t they?) this webinar takes a look at the energy landscape in Japan today and some of the reasons why it came about. More importantly the speakers will share some insights into possible scenarios for the future of Japan’s electricty market.

The Speaker

Dr. Gerhard Fasol has worked in and with the academic, research, and business communities of Japan’s high-tech sector for over 25 years. Dr. Fasol is the founder of Eurotechnology Japan, a technology-focused business development, strategy, and M&A advisory and implementation firm.

Who is the Webinar is Aimed At?

UK companies in the ICT and energy industries including those specialising in hardware, software, services and consultancy.

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Please feel free to download the slides from the webinar below.

This webinar was recorded on 9 October 2014.

Japanese Energy & Smart Technology PowerPoint Slides