Japanese Cyber Security Market – Guide for UK Companies

DIT Japan Launches a Guide for British Cyber Security Companies.

Like the rest of the developed world, Japan’s economy is becoming increasingly reliant on interconnectivity and the benefits brought by the internet. However, in many ways, Japan’s approach to the security of this infrastructure reflects the uniqueness of the market and presents challenges to newcomers.

The Japanese Government has reported a skill gap at all levels and a lack of awareness among the country’s business executives. The Government has also been increasing its cyber budget over the last few years.

The current climate presents opportunities for British companies with the right solutions.

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In light of this, the Department for International Trade (DIT) has produced a guide to enable UK companies to understand the current Japanese market and make informed decisions on how to win business.

The guide contains valuable insights including:

* Overview of the cyber security market in Japan
* Outline of the of the Japanese cyber ecosystem
* How to win business in Japan as a UK cyber company
* Future trends and growth patterns to watch

Please watch our recorded webinar on this page for information on

* How to use the guide
* Discussion on the scale of the opportunities available and how to tap into them
* Tips on approaching the Japanese market


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