PODCAST: Japan Success Story: Q-Games (Part 2)

First published: 30th December 2022


Join Steve for the second half of his conversation with Dylan and Hollie.

Hollie compares marketing and PR in the digital sector in the UK and Japan. Dylan provides more insight into his journey from being a 17-year-old working for a cutting-edge development studio in the UK, being brought on the back of a hacked Gameboy to work for Nintendo, a stint in California before eventually setting up his own studio in Kyoto, working on projects for Nintendo, Sony and Google.

Hollie has insight into the world of digital publishing, particularly for indie games developers. She tells us what drew her to Japan, how she is finding the working environment and getting used to cycling in and around the city.

If you missed part 1, best check that out first! https://exporttojapan.co.uk/japan-success-story-q-games-part-1/

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