PODCAST: Japan Success Story: Q-Games (Part 1)

First published: 23rd December 2022


How a 17-year-old British programmer brought to Japan by Nintendo went on to found one of the most successful independent games development studios in Japan! Steve talks with Dylan Cuthbert and Hollie Hughes of Q-Games. They cover a wide array of insight, including getting to know Japan, the games developing and digital industry, setting up business in Kyoto, and the amazing journey Dylan has taken into Japan. Part 1 of a 2-part conversation!

Go to part 2: https://exporttojapan.co.uk/japan-success-story-q-games-part-2/

Video Podcast

Podcast notes

Learn more about Dylan’s amazing journey: hacking a Gameboy gets him a seat at the table with Nintendo HQ in Kyoto, then working with Sony and Nintendo, to founding his own company in 2001. Hollie covers the valuable marketing role at Q-Games and brings her personal insight into working in Japan and the digital publishing world. Coming from the UK games marketing world she can ably assess the contrast and comparison of the sector in Japan, as well as dispel some myths about how challenging Japan can be.

There was so much to enjoy and unpack from this conversation that we had to split it into to 2 episodes!

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