Japan Opportunities: Big Data Analytics

Watch our webinar video and learn about the future of Big Data in Japan and how UK companies at the forefront of the Data analytics revolution can find opportunities to do business in Japan.  

New Business Opportunities in Japan in the Field of Big Data Analytics

Dr. Chris Moore, Technology Specialist based in UKTI London, connects with Etsuo Watanabe and James Carter from the British Embassy in Tokyo to discuss the future of Big Data in Japan and to highlight areas of opportunity for UK companies that are being opened up by the Data Analytics Revolution.

Britain has Big Plans for Big Data

Collaborating with Japan on Big Data

Data analytics is transforming the way companies do business by deriving value from large data sets. Uses range from applying insight to life-saving research in healthcare to revolutionising online retail and digital marketing by providing human data intelligence. This has created opportunities across a broad spectrum of sectors including energy, automotive, financial services, agritech, entertainment, security & government. UK companies are at the vanguard of many of these technologies, and Japanese companies are increasingly eager to work with other companies to harness their potential.

This webinar has been produced to provide up-to-date and practical information on:

  • The Big Data infrastructure of Japan
  • How Big Data links across all sectors, and the potential opportunities available
  • Case studies of successful UK-Japanese collaboration in Big Data Analytics

There is also Q&A session at the end, and questions submitted by viewers are addressed.

Contact our expert trade adviser Etsuo Watanbe to see how you could be doing business in Japan.

Britain is a world leader in “big data,” and can use this position to take advantage of a plethora of business opportunities. Read our article for more about the “big data” scene in Japan.

Our short video Collaborating with Japan on Big Data features UK industry leaders and technology experts explaining how Japan can benefit from British expertise and developed capabilities in Big Data.