Japan is Open for Business

Autumn 2022

With the easing of restrictions to travel we welcome the return of in-person events.

The COVID-19 pandemic had serious repercussions globally. International travel stopped being an option for many. Despite a near-universal embracing of virtual meeting platforms, face-to-face engagement remains a vital component in cementing partnership and collaboration and sparking cooperation and innovation across business and R&D.

As the world moves away from lockdowns and restricted movement to contain the virus, Japan is easing entry restrictions. Initially granting visas for business visitors at the turn of year, and more recently removing added barriers of strict quarantine periods and compulsory testing on departure and arrival, to full removal of restrictions in the coming month.

Acknowledging the need to follow standard good practice to continue to contain a virus that we must learn to live with, opportunity to engage directly with prospective collaborators and partners is increasingly open again.

For example, in the final week of August, Innovate UK brought some of the UK’s most promising innovators, working on battery technologies, to Japan. Under their ‘Global Business Innovation Programme’, the visit offered opportunity to engage with key stakeholders to bring about collaboration and exchange.

The video, captured at the Ambassador’s Residence during the pitching & networking event, illustrates the value of such stakeholder engagement.