Japan Cyber Security Recap: Top Five Issues Of 2015

Japan to Concentrate on Cyber Security in 2016 and Beyond

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2015 was a busy year for cyber security in Japan, with a series of high-profile incidents causing widespread anxiety about Japan’s cyber readiness. After years of complacency, it seems like the country is finally waking up to the gravity of the cyber threat and the need for all strata of society to gear up and prepare for the challenges to come. The following five elements were particularly important for Japan in 2015, and will remain key issues in 2016 and beyond:

  1. The National Pension Fund Hack
  2. The “My Number” Social Security and Tax Number System
  3. The Shortage of Cyber Security Professionals
  4. The Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games
  5. The National Cyber Security Strategy v2.0
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Article by Daniel Bjornstrom, January 2016.