Japan’s Space Plan: Production Schedule & Project Timeline

Get a leg up on the competition in the space sector with this highly detailed production schedule – over fifty pages in length and available in English for the first time. This document will tell you what the Japanese space programme is planning to make, when it is planning to run each project, and who is in charge of each project.

UK Companies in the Space Sector Can Find Opportunities to Do Business in Japan

As anybody in the industry knows, space projects can have very long timelines. From the initial concept to development and construction, many years can pass before a satellite is launched. In order to get involved in a project, it is crucial to get in at an early stage. This document will help UK companies in the space sector to identify upcoming projects in the Japanese Space Programme that are relevant to them – before it’s too late.

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The Japanese Government has High Hopes for its Basic Space Plan

In January 2015, the Japanese government published its Basic Space Plan, outlining a broad range of projects it intends to pursue over the next twenty years, including GNSS, EO, satellite communications, new launch vehicles and manned space exploration. The government also published a detailed schedule showing the timelines of each project, from the development phase to launch and operation, all the way through to 2034. This schedule was updated in December 2015 to reflect overall progress.

UKTI Japan’s English Translation of Project Timelines to Help Identify Business Opportunities in Japan

Until now, this document has only been available in Japanese, but UKTI has translated it into English for the benefit of UK companies in the space sector. It indicates not only the timelines of each project, but also the government ministries that are leading on each initiative. UK companies should use this document to identify not only when to get involved in various projects, but also whom to approach.

Topics covered include:

  • Remote Sensing
  • Satellite Communications and Broadcasting
  • Space Transportation Systems
  • Space Situational Awareness
  • Maritime Situational Awareness
  • Early Warning Systems
  • Space Resiliency
  • Space Science, Exploration and Manned Space Activities
  • Promoting New Entrants to the Space Sector and Expanding the Use of Space
  • Securing a Stable Supply of Critical Parts and Components for the Space System
  • Measures to Expand the Future Use of Space
  • General Reinforcement of Space Policy Promotion Structures
  • Strengthening Analytical and Strategic Planning Capabilities
  • Reinforcement of the Domestic Human Resource Base; Increasing National Awareness
  • Legislation
  • Review of the Procurement System
  • Realizing and Strengthening the Rule of Law in Outer Space
  • Increasing International Space Cooperation
  • Setting up a Task Force to Increase Japanese Space Exports
  • Other Initiatives to Meet Japan Space Policy Objectives

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