Innovation and Partnering with Eisai: Recorded Webinar

Watch our recorded webinar to find out more about the opportunities for innovation and partnering with Eisai Co., Ltd.

Innovation and Partnering with Eisai

Eisai Co., Ltd is Japan’s 5th largest research-based pharmaceutical company with sales of over 600 billion yen in 2013.

Through a global network of research facilities, manufacturing sites and marketing subsidiaries, Eisai actively participates in all aspects of the worldwide healthcare system.
In the UK, Eisai established European Knowledge Centre (EKC) in Hatfield to incorporate all different teams under one roof from R&D to production.  EKC has over 500 employees including 60 research staff and 200 clinical development staff.  In the US, they established Eisai Inc in 1995 and is ranked among the top-20 U.S. pharmaceutical companies (based on retail sales).

The Eisai Group is committed to enhance the lives of patients by maximising the value of multiple global brand products, such as the anticancer agent Halaven, the antiepileptic agent Fycompa and the weight management treatment BELVIQ. In the field of dementia treatment, with the Alzheimer’s treatment Aricept pioneered by Eisai, the Company concluded a joint development and commercialization agreement in March 2014 with Biogen Idec (U.S.A.).

The Eisai Group defines its research and development (R&D) activities as “product creation” under the belief that R&D is a cornerstone of their mission to ensure that innovative drugs demonstrated to improve patients’ quality of life (QOL) are delivered to patients as early as possible.

Eisai’s areas of commercial focus include oncology, neurology, gastrointestinal disorders and critical care.

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The Speakers

In this webinar, the speakers will explain Eisai’s business and partnering strategy, academic-industrial alliance, and open innovation and areas of potential business collaboration opportunities with Eisai Co., Ltd.

Dr. Rami Suzuki, graduated with a PhD. in Medicine, University College London with a scholarship from Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research. She is currently the Senior Group Officer and President of the Business Development Unit ECL, at Eisai Co., Ltd.

Mr. Mikado Koie, received his Master’s Degree from the University of East Anglia (UK). He is currently the Associate Director of the Business Development Unit in Tokyo, Japan.

Mr. Takafumi Watanabe, received his Master’s Degree from the Graduate School of Tokyo Metropolitan University. He is currently Manager of the Business Development Unit in Japan at Eisai Co., Ltd.

Benefits of Watching

This webinar will explain:

·         Japan’s major pharmaceutical company’s strategy for product development

·         Areas of possible collaboration between Eisai Co., Ltd. and your company

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This webinar was recorded on December 4 2014.

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