How To Sell Through Amazon Japan: Recorded Webinar

Watch our free webinar to learn the best ways to enter the Japanese market through Amazon Japan.

Amazon Japan, one of the biggest e-commerce platforms along with Rakuten and Yahoo, is one of the few e-commerce platforms where UK companies can sell directly without local agents.

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The Speakers

Head of Trade Development  at UKTI Japan Richard Buttrey hosts guest speakers Mr Ichiro Agari, Senior Marketing Manager and Mr Junichi Kuroda, Amazon Global Selling Senior Product Manager.

Benefits of Watching

Obtain practical information on how to sell through Amazon Japan. Selling on Amazon Japan is a good option to enter/try to enter the Japanese market, and especially so for those UK companies who do not yet have Japanese partners (distributors, agents, etc).

Additional Resources from Amazon

Amazon Global Selling resource site (English): The site contains all information you need to start selling on Amazon. There is a page on Service Providers as well.

Contact us for questions or troubles with registration (English)

Fulfillment by Amazon introductory video (English)

Sponsored Products introductory video (English)


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This webinar was recorded on 18 March 2015.