Marketing And Communicating Your Brand In Japan

Nanako Aramaki, Chief Localisation Officer, from the Tokyo/London content marketing agency Tamlo, explains the specific considerations for marketing and communicating your brand in Japan. Copying and pasting your global campaign won’t cut it! Localisation is the key.

We also cover social media in Japan, the rise of influencer marketing, and the high value Japanese audiences place on trust.



From the archive:

Tim Hitchens Ex-Ambassador to Japan interviewed Akihiko Kubo Chairman of marketing communications company Ogilvy & Mather, to learn how best to market and communicate your brand in the Japanese market.

“Communicating your brand to the Japanese market can be a challenging task – do it wrong and there is a high risk of failure”

Akihiko Kubo shares his tips for success:

“Japan has a huge appetite for Britain and British products,” says Kubo, a taste which has developed over decades, and perhaps centuries, of contact between the two countries. British cars, fashion and music are especially popular in Japan.

Kubo also revealed the main characteristics of Japanese consumers – a love for a brand with a story, while also being keen on quality.

The demographics of Japanese society are changing, and the population over 65 currently stands at 25%. The older generation grew up with The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, fuelling a passion for British products, and they also have the purchasing power to indulge that.

Regarding advertising and brand awareness, Kubo advises, “Play your own game.” UK companies have the potential to reach customers by being more creative.

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