Japan Based Business Consultancy

Japan Based Consultancies Can Provide Invaluable Services for Companies Seeking to Establish a Presence in Japan 

There are a wide variety of consultancy companies on the ground in Japan who provide support to firms trying to break into the Japanese market.

This support ranges from market research and website localisation advice, to identifying potential partners, distributors, licensing, selling, manufacturing and even setting up meetings with potential clients.

Market experts

These market experts work with your business to establish your goals and a clear strategy for achieving them, and are a great option to pursue for those who are new to the Japanese market and who need more guidance to develop their business.

Some companies have a clear sector in which they specialise, while others cover a range of sectors, so no matter what service or product you are offering, you are sure to find a company that caters to your individual needs.

Services can be tailored as per the needs of each business, and this is one of the advantages of choosing to work with a local consultancy company in Japan.

Business Express Service

The Export to Japan Business Express Service is a great start point to develop your business in Japan, providing a very cost effective and scaleable way to get started.

Check out Export to Japan’s partner page for some examples of Japan-based firms who can help you enter the Japanese market and start doing business in Japan.

Last updated November 2023: Steve Crane OBE