Global Sporting Events in Japan: Highlights and Opportunities

The BCCJ’s in-depth report will update you on the progress that has been made in Japan on the road to RWC 2019 and Tokyo 2020. It will also identify exactly in which sectors UK companies can expect to see the most lucrative business deals. 

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British Companies Will Find Plenty of Opportunities to Do Business in Japan with Rugby World Cup 2019 and Tokyo 2020 Drawing Closer

Following the publication of the Global Sporting Events in Japan report from May 2015, the BCCJ in collaboration with UKTI has developed an updated publication looking at the status of major sporting events in the run up to the 2020 Olympics.

The report highlights opportunities for both UK based and Japan based subsidiaries of UK companies looking to capitalize on Japan’s momentum in global sports. Citing information from a broad range of sources including events held by BCCJ, press, websites, original research and interviews the report provides a detailed focus on Japan’s journey on the road after Rio.

Topics Covered include:

  • Background
  • Venues and Masterplanning
  • Tokyo 2020 Organisation
  • Sponsor Update
  • Legacy
  • Stadium and Budget
  • Ticketing
  • Security
  • Tourism and Visitor Experience
  • Volunteers
  • Culture
  • English Language Training
  • Rugby World Cup
  • Business and Procurement
  • About the Weather

The report also refers to relevant information on understanding opportunities in conjunction with the Tokyo 2020 Games Foundation Plan and offers an outline of how Japan’s potential development of supply chains will drive business opportunities in the years to come.

To accompany the updated ‘Global Sporting Events in Japan’ report, UKTI has also published an English version of the Action Plan for the 2020 Olympics as published by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in December 2015. As the only English version currently available, this action plan provides an invaluable insight into the local government’s preparations beginning from this fiscal year until its final delivery in 2020.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Action Plans for Tokyo 2020

The Action Plan is categorized into 5 goals which include:

  1. Passing the Legacy of the Venues and the Olympic Village to the Future as Precious Properties for Tokyoites
  2. Bringing Sport into Daily Life
  3. Creating Irreplaceable Impressions and Unforgettable Memories with Tokyoites
  4. Realising Tokyo – the Most Cultural City in the World by Successing the Olympic and Paralympics Games as a Cultural Festival
  5. Olympics and Paralympics Education and Creating an Inclusive Society that respects Diversity

About the BCCJ

The British Chamber of Commerce in Japan’s mission is to strengthen business ties between the UK and Japan, promote and support the business interests of all their members, and actively encourage new British business into the Japanese market as well as Japanese investment into the UK. The BCCJ works closely with UKTI in order to achieve this goal.

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Action Plans for Tokyo 2020