Fintech Trends: Changing Environment and Opportunities

Japanese banks are seeking new fintech they can integrate into their own systems. Watch our webinar video to learn about the latest developments and opportunities in the fintech sector in Japan. 

UK Companies Can Access Exciting New Business Opportunities in the Japanese Fintech Market

Background to the Webinar 

After the great success of the UK fintech trade mission to Japan last December, some significant changes have been seen both in private and public sectors due to the strong appetite for fintech.

Banks including mega, regional, and challenger banks have conducted their own projects such as launching an accelerator and experimenting with blockchains. They have shown a thirst for new fintech technologies that they can integrate into their own systems. The Japanese FSA have been making great efforts to stimulate the industry by easing regulations and opening a fintech support desk.

Accenture, the author of our two reports on the Japanese fintech market, will guide you through the latest fintech trends in Japan, and Mr Masujima, who is a lawyer and one of the foremost experts in fintech, will comment on regulation relaxations.

This webinar will provide a great opportunity to UK companies considering to develop their business in Japan to assess business opportunities there. Accenture will also talk about Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s Invest Tokyo seminar in London, which will be held on 23rd May, and the support available to UK companies who are interested in setting up in Tokyo.

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This webinar was recorded on 12 May 2016.