Exclusive Report: E-Commerce in Japan

An exclusive report for British consumer goods companies on how to increase sales in the growing Japanese E-Commerce Market.

The Japanese market for e-commerce has been booming; the government estimates non-store retailing to have expanded 2.5 times in the past 10 years. The market for e-commerce is estimated to have reached JPY9.5 trillion (GBP60 billion), and the proliferation of smartphones which have rapidly been replacing ordinary mobile phones is spurring this growth further.

E-commerce has become a significant sales method to sell consumer goods to the Japanese market.  It is also a relatively low-risk entry mode for UK companies which wish to test the marketability of their products in Japan first before trying to have any physical presence in Japan.

This report, produced by Sensu which publishes “Japan Consuming”, a well-known English language monthly magazine introducing the retail business market in Japan, provides an in-depth analysis of the e-commerce market in Japan, with practical advice on how a British business can enter the Japanese market and  features abundant background information on the Japanese retail and consumer market which may be useful to UK businesses new to Japan.

UK Trade & Investment Japan also hosted a webinar explaining how UK firms can reach millions of Japanese consumers through online stores. To watch please click here.

In addition, UKTI Japan have identified Amazon Japan as a key E-Exporting partner. Download our Amazon guide to help you get started selling your products in Japan.

Wondering if you have market potential through e-Commerce in Japan? Contact a market specialist here to get expert advice and help.

Full Report: Selling to Japan Online