Everything You Need To Know About Selling On Rakuten – Recorded Webinar

Watch this webinar where we uncover how to get your products in front of millions of consumers in Japan. Did you know that Rakuten is one of the biggest e-commerce marketplace in Japan?

Rakuten are actively looking for new overseas sellers, especially from the UK as British products are highly sought after in Japan.

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The Land of the Rising Sun is the 4th largest e-commerce market in the world. Selling on e-commerce platforms is a great market entry strategy for UK companies who have not yet established their own office or found a trading partner in Japan.

This webinar is not just for new entrants, companies already trading in Japan and their distributors can learn more on how to improve their online presence.

Watch this recorded webinar where we explore some of the challenges that UK companies could face when selling online in Japan, and how you can get your products in front of millions of loyal and sophisticated consumers.

We tackle different topics such as the benefits to sell your products on Rakuten and explain the on-boarding process, costs and logistics involved.

We also cover the growth of the e-commerce market in Japan and the type of considerations UK companies need to bear in mind before starting.

Our guest speaker is Katsuhiko Kayama, International Merchant Developer who supports overseas sellers on Rakuten every day.

Get in touch with Rakuten here: www.rakuten.co.jp/ec/sellinjapan/

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