Electricity Market Reform in Japan

Watch our free webinar to learn about business opportunities for UK companies, stemming from electricity market reform in Japan. 

In April 2016, the retail sale of electricity will be fully liberalised in Japan as one of the steps towards power market deregulation. In the next year the retail sale to households and small-lot users, which is worth about 7.5 trillion yen (about £40 billion) of the market value, will open to new entrants.

The power market in Japan has been dominated by regional monopolies in areas ranging from power generation to transmission/distribution to retail sales. However, the Government have decided to unbundle the market by 2020 and more dynamic changes in the power market will be expected in the coming years.

In the face of the full liberalisation of the electricity retail market, the major utility companies and new power retailers are seeking something that can differentiate them from their competitors. Also, many Japanese companies from other sectors such as telecoms and retailers have started entering into the energy businesses and seek unique and innovative products/services that can be introduced to the Japanese market.

The webinar introduces short term and long term opportunities for UK companies together with an overview of the challenges of doing business in the power market in Japan.

About the Speaker

The speaker is Mr Kenichi Matsumoto, Chairman of Aggreko Japan KK.

Mr. Kenichi Matsumoto is Sales & Marketing and Business Development Director of Aggreko Asia Pacific and Chairman of Aggreko Japan K.K., both subsidiaries of Aggreko Plc. (FTSE 100)

He has vast experience in Energy (Oil, Gas and Power), Chemical and Infrastructure in the area of investment, financing and plant construction, starting with Mitsui & Co., Ltd. in 1980.

In 2001, he moved to strategic consulting at PricewaterhouseCoopers Japan where he advised Utility Companies on power market deregulation scenarios alternatives.

He continued his career with Aspen Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq) to expand its Japan operation, and more than doubled the sales of software and professional services for oil, gas and power industries in 8 years.

Just after the March 2011 Fukushima incident in Japan, he joined Aggreko plc. (UK based FTSE100) in Japan, delivering mobile power plants of accumulated capacity of 350MW to Tokyo Electric Power and Hokkaido Electric Power, and is engaged in developing various types of new business opportunities in ongoing power market deregulation, starting the final round of such initiatives from April 2016.

Target Audience

UK companies who provide products, technologies or services to the power market.

Benefits of Watching

Viewers can learn about:

  • the history and future of the power market in Japan
  • immediate and long term opportunities for UK companies
  • challenges for UK companies.

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This webinar was recorded on 7 July 2015.

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