Doing Business with Shionogi Pharma Report

This downloadable report will ensure you are equipped with the information you need to establish the appropriate strategies to engage with Shionogi Pharma through their research interests. 

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The Life Sciences sector is set to grow as the population in Japan ages. Over the coming years more and more opportunities for both research and development, as well as collaboration with some of Japan’s biggest pharmaceutical companies.

This report will equip you with all of the essential information you need if you are thinking of entering into research and collaboration with Shionogi Pharma.

Topics covered include:

  • A history of the Shionogi Group
  • Financial Results and Key Products
  • Research Strategies and Activities
  • Research Areas
  • Development Strategies and Pipelines
  • Therapeutic Area Focus
    • Infectious Disease
    • Pain & CNS
    • Metabolic diseases
    • Oncology and Immunological Diseases
  • Technology Area Focus

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Doing Business with Shionogi Pharma Report