Digital Music in Japan: Future of the Music Industry

Key Japanese music industry figures and UK music delegates discuss the current and future trends of the digital music market in Japan.

The business model of the music industry is changing. Digital sales are higher than that of CDs in the UK, but CD sales in Japan remain strong. Our panelists discuss how both countries are changing their approach and on what kind of timescales as well as debating what the ideal environment is for both consumers and businesses.

Key presenters:

Nicholas Hansen, Co-Founder and Company Director of BAMM TV

Jay Kogami, Music Blogger on Music x Technology

Shuhei Takano, Communication Planner of Tribal Media House Inc

Takayuki Suzuki, General Manager of Digital, Sales Marketing Division, Universal Music LLC

To watch the Digital Music Seminar Opening Remarks, please click here.

To watch Session 1: Music Lifestyle of Today in Japan & the UK, please click here.

To watch Session 2: Emerging Digital Music Services in Japan & the UK, please click here.

This is a recorded version of the interactive session on digital music in Japan held on 30 October 2013 at the British Embassy Tokyo and is only available to members of Export to Japan.

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Digital Music in Japan – Full Seminar Details