E-Commerce Developments in Japan: Recorded Webinar

Watch our free webinar video to learn about the latest trends in E-Commerce in Japan, and find out exactly why E-Commerce is one of the best methods for Japan market entry. 

E-Commerce Continues to Create Exporting Opportunities for UK Companies

Background to the Webinar

The Japanese market for E-Commerce in 2014 was worth JPY 12.8 trillion (GBP 82 billion) and is estimated to reach about JPY 22.9 trillion (GBP 146 billion) in 2020.

E-Commerce is a popular way for UK companies to test their products in the Japanese market before making any big investments.

This webinar, which is targeted at UK fashion and lifestyle companies, covers all you need to know about the E-Commerce market in Japan, including the current situation and changes that have occurred since 2013, the reasons why E-Commerce is one of the best ways to enter the Japanese market, and opportunities that may be available with major E-Commerce platforms that are popular in Japan.

About the Speaker

Michael Causton, a founding partner of Japan Consuming, will share his experiences of doing business within the E-Commerce market in Japan. His company provides clients with detailed analyses of retail and consumer markets in Japan.

UKTI’s Head of Trade, Esther Williams, will host the webinar.

Benefits of Watching

UK companies in the fashion and lifestyle sectors will learn how the E-Commerce market in Japan differs from that in the UK, the current E-Commerce market in Japan,  how to enter the Japanese market, and opportunities that exist with key E-Commerce platforms in Japan.

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This webinar was recorded on 28 June 2016.